Christmas Pudding Cake

Hello crafters! After hours of making new clay cakes and pies, I’m so happy to relax, have a snack, and finally make a new blog post! But lets just hope this post isn’t too long so I don’t fall asleep before I finish typing!💤 Anyways, today I’m so excited to finally post this Christmas Pudding … More Christmas Pudding Cake

DIY How to Make Miniature Donuts Using Beads and Puffy Paint

A few nights ago I was working on another video tutorial which I`m so excited to finally reveal! A few days ago I was working on making more miniature donuts and decided to try & see if I could make some miniature donuts using beads & Puffy Paint. They worked out pretty well, so i`ve … More DIY How to Make Miniature Donuts Using Beads and Puffy Paint

Happy Eclipse!

Here in U.S.A. it is a very exciting day! You might be wondering why today is so exciting. Well today an amazing Solar Eclipse is happening! Of course anything exciting is very inspiring! So I just had to create a Solar Eclipse inspired miniature 1:12 scale cake. One half of the cake is dark blue … More Happy Eclipse!

Gingerbread Pool

Since I will be showing a few of my ‘gingerbread people candy land” crafts soon, I decided it`s a perfect time to share a pool I made for all gingerbread girls & boys to play in! We must make sure all of the gingerbread people know about the newly opened gingerbread pool! To make it … More Gingerbread Pool